on passion

wow. long time no see, right? i can give excuses for not keeping up, and i have good ones, but in reality, i'm not convinced anyone else ever really looks at this. it's great that you are: i truly appreciate that someone/anyone would care what i have to say, but i think i'm past the point of apology regarding my tardy posting.


i've come around to the point of my post, and i'm not even sure i know where to begin. so here's a beginning: i want to do and make work that i'm passionate about. in creating the art maps of toledo neighborhoods, i have come to know the level of love this city has for its people, and the people for the city. through that work, i've made connections with a group who is actively invested in the development of the neighborhood, and i'm even on the board for the non-profit. i think it may be all the lovey-dovey feelings for toledo as a whole, but i think i'm on the verge of making a commitment to working for myself, and for the city. i want everyone to know how great it is here, and i'm actually making the connections that are helping me to do that. it DOES matter where you make it, and i'm glad i'm making it here in toledo.

Welcome to my new site!

I'm putting on the big-girl pants and getting all my favorite work in one place on the web. I'm so excited to get this done and to be able to share the projects that make me smile. Hooray internet! Let's celebrate. You bring the champagne.